Where and What to Eat In Bali for the First Time Visited

Anomali Coffee
Photo by @ib.nugraha

Bali Island is a unique and diverse culinary paradise. Starting from Balinese, Indonesian, Asian and Western specialties you can find in every corner of the city. If you are, a food lover then tries to taste some popular foods in Bali. Because culinary tourism in Bali allows you to have something interesting and different. So, fill your hunger with various delicacies in Bali by booking holiday tickets at Wandernesia.

Delicious Balinese Pork Pig at Ibu Oka’s Restaurant

Babi Guling is one of the local dishes that you must taste while on holiday in Bali. This delicious food is served with whole baked goods and has a soft texture. Usually, Babi Guling is eaten with rice, boiled vegetables, pork sausage, and crispy pork skin. One recommended the place to enjoy Babi Guling was a restaurant with the name Ibu Oka. Come early before lunchtime because this place has a closing hour earlier.

Enjoy Peace of Mind by Brewing a Cup of Balinese Coffee

Are you a coffee lover? If so, be sure to taste Bali Coffee which has a distinctive and delicious aroma. You can find a number of specialty cafes or coffee shops that serve upscale hot drinks. One place that provides Balinese coffee is Anomali Coffee. Make sure you order Balinese coffee mixed with ice that is truly delicious.

Jimbaran Beach Is the Best Place to Eat BBQ Seafood in Bali

Bali is famous for its beautiful beaches, moreover enjoying water sports you also have to taste fresh seafood. Only at Bali Jimbaran Seafood can you get perfect memories with your family and enjoy the delicious local seafood. Before inviting your family to enjoy culinary tourism, it’s good to determine what to eat in Bali.

Savory and Delicious Duck Meat in Bali

If you don’t like pork-based food, you can choose duck meat as a lunch menu in Bali. Try tasting smoked duck or Balinese fried duck that has a unique flavor. Lunch will be accompanied by a plate of warm rice, chili sauce, and local vegetables. But the most recommended place to enjoy soft Bali duck is at Bebek Bengil Restaurant.

The Sweetness of Balinese Gelatos Ice Cream

Ending a culinary tour in Bali is a good idea to visit Bali Gelatos to get a sweet dessert. Gelatos Bali is a local cafe serving ice cream with the main menu of chocolate and vanilla flavors. But this cafe also provides a selection of flavors prepared from local ingredients such as lemongrass, lychee, red dragon fruit, and soursop. If you want a unique taste, you can order extreme flavored alcohol, coffee, and sweets. 

5 Best Things to Do In Bali Indonesia

Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary
Photo by @sashajuliard

Bali is a tourist paradise that spoils tourists with a variety of interesting themes. Some tourists reveal that Bali is one of the most beautiful places. More clearly we will release the 5 best things to do in Bali Indonesia. The best solution for your vacation schedule with family.

Meet New Friends at Ubud Monkey Forest

Bali has many ancient temples which are very sacred, one of them is Ubud Monkey Forest. This tourist attraction is also known as a nature reserve that has 749 long-tailed monkeys. You can admire a number of buildings, including three intact temples dating from the 14th century. Before entering Ubud Monkey Forest, it’s good to keep luggage from ignorant monkeys. Don’t forget to buy bananas and give them to these cute little friends.

Admire Balinese Sacred Temples

Do you know? Uluwatu Temple is the most famous holy place in Bali. This temple is a favorite spot for tourists to capture beautiful sunset views. One more thing, Uluwatu Temple is a temple famous for its monkey population. The advantages of this temple are displaying classic entertainment in the form of traditional Balinese dance performances. 

Dinner with a Fresh Seafood Menu in Sanur

Sanur is famous for its restaurants serving fresh seafood. This seaside city can be the right place for a culinary tour or having fun enjoying water sports. Seafood in Sanur is processed with baked on coconut fiber, it certainly tastes more delicious. So take your time enjoying the sunset while eating delicious seafood with a plate of warm rice. 

Purify Yourself Soaking in Pura Tirta Empul

If the Ubud Monkey Forest is welcomed by hundreds of wild monkeys, then at Pura Tirta Empul will be spoiled for the coolness of the natural fountain. Not only Hindus, every day many tourists who come to this temple to bathe in the pool. Water in Pura Tirta Empul is said to be sacred and has many benefits for health, one of which can make it young. How? Want to vacation in Bali? If you want to experience a memorable vacation in Bali, it’s easy. Visit the official website of Wandernesia. 

Get To Know Wildlife in the Bali Zoo

Exploring the wild is not always by going to the forest, at the Bali Zoo you can already feel the thrill of adventure. Animal collections at the Bali Zoo are very diverse, among them are typical Southeast Asian animals such as elephants, rhinos, tigers and colorful birds. Get the freedom to choose an adventure time during the day or night. But try the night Safari program, which is the right time to see nocturnal animals at the Bali Zoo.